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I’m about to become a free man

I migrated in October 2013. On the sea you die like rats, like under the bombs. Even if it is your sea, we’re the ones who drank it, with our lungs. The first Europe I saw from Africa was Lampedusa. The bad days are over now: no more false welcomes, the running away, the scorn, the hunger. My spirit is full of a boat smashed by the waves, and with my spirits so low I have continued on my journey. I left the island, they let me get away, before they took my fingerprints which would have condemned me to remain for ever in Italy. Fingerprints are like handcuffs. You don’t know it, but you are in a cell. I’m a person who if he bows his back, it is only to pick fruit. For the rest, I am like all of us in my nation: even under the bombs we keep our backs straight. I caught a train from Sicily for Milan. From Milan I kept heading further north. It was Europe I wanted, and now I have it. I arrived with another hundred in Norway. Here the world doesn’t need to wait for tomorrow to have a mixed skin. Here the years to come are no longer a hypothesis for me. I have a right to political asylum here. I am about to become a free man. This photograph was taken and sent by a migrant who arrived at Lampedusa in October, 2013, and who is now in Scandinavia.

I want to go to Norway

Good morning. I am Palestinian. I am here from 14 October. I am not eating from yesterday because I want to go out from Lampedusa. I am here from 24 days. Me and my friends they are not eating, maybe 60 people. We don’t want eating before we go out. A lot of people united. Yesterday we united cards number from 60 people and today we give these cards to Manager because we want to go out. Because today police said a lot of names to go out, but they are coming from some days just. We are coming before them. For this I am sleeping this night outside the room because I want start strike and – raining to me all the night, because this night is very rained. Very bad in the night. From sleeping outside the room, inside service. United cards maybe 17 people, and give to official person, and this official person send this to Roma maybe – manager to come out. People are sleeping outside camp, they go out tomorrow. Manager people 17 names. My name in 17 names. I am waiting my name from 2 week. Every time police want say names my name not talk, because police say go out a lot of Africans and Syrians – and Palestinian people just some people. We don’t know why, but we are – this is very bad. I want to go to Norway because my uncle is in Norway, and I want to stay there. Angry people coming from 14 and 15 October, they go and united, and go to the door because they want to close this, the door camp. And don’t want this … (unclear). But police stay and stop these people. And then? They talk and shout with the police, and the Manager, and the Manager said this from the police, not from me, and said maybe tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, another list to go out of the camp.

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