I come from Central Syria

My name is Eyam. I arrive from 25 days. I’m living in a bad situation. Because they don’t told us how much we need to go out from the island, and it is not a human place and there is no food, there is no good food, no good sleeping, or anything, but the most thing is we need go outside of this island because we need to help our family in Syria. We are a singular. All everyone singular. But the marriage and all the other family in Syria. He doesn’t take care about himself, if he eat or nothing. He think about his family in Syria – they are in a dangerous situation. And they haven’t any food, they haven’t gas to make a fire, because Syria is in winter now, and it’s a cold country. So they told the manager of this camp, we don’t need food, we don’t need sleep here, we want to go out to find a good situation for family, for our family in Syria. They don’t listen to us, and don’t give us any promise, or any chance to go out of the island.
They doesn’t say any date, and when we ask him… every day, when we ask him every single day we want go, they told us there is no date. We are on strike on Lampedusa, for our good future, for me and for my family, or to the hospital, or to the dead. Or let us back in our boats. After the war in Syria they doesn’t refugees any Syrian people, because we had a beautiful country and beautiful life. But now Syria in now war. And our family there. We cannot take him to any place because all the world close the gates in Syrian face. And the Palestinian one… live in Syria.
I eat a bread, one bread, yesterday, but today no food, just water. My friend – two days without any food! Many people like us. The same date and the same position.
They haven’t a place to sleep, and to sleep good, so that they told the police and the manager of that camp, we don’t want food, we don’t want to sleep. Yes, just hunger strike, again from here, to a good future of from here to die or to the hospital. Because our family in danger. I am not happy to stay here and my little sister… I am not happy to stay here and my little sister and my mother and my father are in a dangerous situation. And the bomb maybe kill him at any moment.

This text was recorded at Lampedusa’s CIE at the beginning of November; at that time the centre had gone over its maximum capacity. As the Centre is only for initial screening, migrants should not be held there for more than 48 hours. Because of the delay in transferring them, some of them had decided to go on hunger strike