October the 3rd, the shipwreck in the words of a survivor

Dalla Libia Dalla Libia

We departed from Libya on the date of the 2nd October, at midnight of the 2nd October, and we crossed the Mediterranean sea for about 24 hours; after 24 hours we arrived at the beach of the Lampedusa island, and we arrived at Lampedusa beach which is about 800-900 metres from the beach. We waited for some rescue, for someone to permit us, we expected to permit us, but unfortunately at 3 o’clock, we arrived at 2 o’clock a.m., that was when we arrived at the beach, at 3 two boats came to us, at that time, and the bigger one came to us and started to circle us without shouting nothing, they simply discussed to each other the boat – I don’t know what they discussed – they left us. Some people tried to identify them, and they seemed like those boats that are like the Guardian boats because they have a white colour, and some people said a white colour with a red – a red base, and then we waited for rescue, and all the people said, as soon as they saw us they may return to us and they will help us, no problem, we discussed like that to each other.
But unfortunately after two hours, the tragedy occurred. The boat started to fill with water, after this water we were afraid of filling the water to the boat,  and that’s why we tried to make a light for help, but nobody came to help us.
After we did all these things one of the guys, the captain tried to fire up the blanket that is by using gasoline, and immediately when he fired it a big light is coming, and all the people assumed that this fire is not from the blanket, it should be from the boat, so that’s why we are afraid of the fire and we tried to rush from the left side to the right side of the boat. Immediately within five seconds the boat totally disappeared, so we shouted, but nobody can help us. So we swam.
We swam for four, four and a half hours, around four and a half to five hours, still until 7.30 nobody came to help us, but at 7.30 Mr Vito, a fisherman, with his friends came to the area, and he saw us while we shouted, just while we shouted help us, help us, and he saw us and tried to rescue people, around 47 people were rescued by him, and also Mr Vito called the policeman, and he asked, Why – he told the policemen – why they took 50 minutes to come out, even Mr Vito told them. I don’t know why.
That’s why I told my friends had to swim for three hours, because they didn’t get any support from the Army, they sink in the sea, they remained dead. This is a horrible event, there is no support for us here, nothing here is taken for us, no clinic, no healthcare, I don’t know why, many people suffer from diseases and they ask to be transferred to hospital, but still they did not get this.