The European Union is just blah-blah-blah

My name is Mazdi, I was living in Syria, in the past I was in the Army. I am finished my Army server and go to Libanon, then to Egypt, then to Libya. When I arrived to Egypt I was want to get inside Libya by legal way but the Libyan authority they stopped me. In this situation I go from the middle of the desert, in an area where the mafia they let me go inside to Libya and give him 700 US $. When I arrived to Libya and stay there the Libyan people was too bad with me and they stole my money and they stole my phone and they insult me Too bad Too bad. In that moment I am started to think to go to European Union to help me. I am go by the boat to Lampedusa to the European union and when I am arrived at the European Union I am shocked because the situation in the European Union is not like what we see it on TV. There is a many blah-blah–blah, many liar on TV and they don’t help us never. I am shocked here, I cannot do anything, just talk with the media and press. Grazie.