Sowe and the 51 million displaced people worldwide


20.10.14 At around 5pm on October 11 last year, Mohammed Kazkji struggled to stay afloat in the Mediterranean Sea, praying for rescue amongst the drowning and the dead. The 22-year-old was just one of hundreds who had boarded an overcrowded boat in Libya, bound for the promise of Europe; for the promise of work, peace and […]

  • 03.10.14 A year after the tragedy of Lampedusa, none of the seven people in the boat of Vito Fiorino who saved 47 of the 155 survivors attended the ceremony organized by the Municipality of Lampedusa. Marcello Nizza, one of the people that saw the migrants in the sea that night, explains that despite the deaths, nothing […]

  • 03.10.14 At 3am, 500 people set off from Misurata, on the Libyan coast. The boat, Giraffa, was just 20 metres long with seven berths and one toilet.

  • 11.03.14 As soon as you enter Libya you realize at once that everything is just money, even the lives of Africans. If you have enough money to bribe the police they let you go through, otherwise they take you into a storehouse or a garage and beat you up. If you have someone who can send […]

  • 06.03.14 Bishara is 27 year old and he comes from Tchad. Since 2013 he has lived at the ex-MOI occupation in Turin, where he found a place to stay along with hundreds of other migrants after the end of the “North Africa Emergency”.

  • 03.03.14 He still can’t stop thinking about it. Marcello N., a new job every season, on the night of the 3rd of October was out at sea off the coast of Lampedusa with a group of friends.

  • 26.02.14 My name is Sekou and I’m 26 years old. I arrived in Italy by way of Lampedusa, but I don’t remember anything of the island, because when I got there I thought I was dead. Before everything started I was in Tripoli. I was working on a construction site when Gaddafi’s militiamen captured me. I […]

  • 21.02.14 My name Vitalis and I did not want to come to this country. I did not pay any ticket, I chose the sea when the soldiers of Gaddafi, with gun pressed on my face, asked to choose between a boat and a bullet. Leave or die. I was exhausted when I arrived in Lampedusa, the […]

  • 18.02.14 Samuel Pieta, from a shop keeper to politc criminal in a day. He's looking for a place to build his own future.

  • 18.02.14 Zerit, survived the shipwreck, tells his story: Eritrea, Sudan, Libia, then Lampedusa. “Why couldn't I attend my brother's funeral?”.

  • 14.02.14 Kaou is from Mali. He was in Libia for work in 2011, when the war started. He couldn't come back, so he came to Italy, but he wouldn't imagine he would have slept in train stations.

  • 12.02.14 I'm Hassan and I live at Lingotto, even if they call me ‘Ex Moi’, the place where strangers live. Maybe nobody cares about how they live, but I'm one of them and I wanna say it.

  • 07.02.14 Lampedusa has been officially nominated for the Peace Nobel Prize in 2014. The application has been submitted by Elisabeth Eide, Professor of Social Sciences at the University of Oslo and Akershus. As she says in her letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee, “over the past two decades hundreds of thousands of people have found their […]